Getting Inspired

This evening, I read a phrase on a question and answer site, Someone asked about a practical piece of advice for people under 30, and somebody answered the question.

I would like to write a paragraph of his sentence, which is the gist of his answer.

It goes like this:
Extraordinary results are found outside our comfort zone. Everything you ever dream of is found outside your comfort zone.

I became inspired. Again.

Actually, I have read such motivational phrase many times on the internet. I knew it well. But, the thing is, it seems difficult for me to apply it when I am in energy-saving mode (lazy? :D) or when I am in an anxious state which I face often.

However, I wrote the motivational phrase on the whiteboard near my PC. And I promised to myself, again, to come back to start doing what I need to be doing for achieving something that I’ve been dreaming of for a long time.

Sometimes, I feel it’s pathetic. I have made such promise for many times and many times I failed it. I couldn’t keep it even only for a month.

When it was time for me to practice at something like writing, for instance, my mind kept telling me, “you didn’t have enough time, Yuli. It was crowded and you wouldn’t be able to concentrate. You were too tired and so on.”

I hate those excuses, and to make it worse is I gave into them. Cheez-it!

This evening, I got motivation. Again.

And just like any other day when I was inspired, I would write, I would make a promise to be better, I would practice. I do the same now. Let’s see how long I can keep it up.