Simple Happiness

Yuli came back home earlier than usual, and she found her house looked quiet. It seemed everybody had gone out somewhere, but she didn’t mind. On the contrary, she loved it. She had been through some hectic days this week and being able to have some time alone was something that she desired.

Yuli really loved her family, she really did. But, as a person who liked solitude, every cell in her body demanded a quieter, less stimulating space at this moment.

Solitude gave her time to relax and be inside her own head. It cleared her mind of the mundane and helped her think through any life situations that needed thinking through. She could get in touch with herself and not feel compelled to consider anyone for this short period of solitude.

By spending time with her thoughts, a lot of ideas could spring up. Yuli loved to think of story ideas and spending time alone offered time to focus and think deeply. She could really get in touch with her creative side.

Yuli put her bag on the couch then sat, closed her eyes, savoring the solitude. However, she was feeling a little tired. She decided to give herself some times to rest.

Being afraid to fall asleep, Yuli rose, then changed her dress to make herself more comfortable.

“Don’t sleep now, let’s just enjoy this moment.” She said to herself.

She was in the kitchen, sauteing vegetable for her lunch when raindrops hit the roof. She smiled. Spending time alone, rain, and food were just perfect, she thought.

She wished the rain would be lasting, but unfortunately, it was just a downpour.

The quiet returned as before. 

Yuli went to her room, turning on her computer, then she started to search a song from her music playlist. A song in the Russian language started to play.

Posmotri mne v glaza
Ty prosti mne, ya sozhaleyu
Ya lyublyu tebya, zhiznʹ moya …

“Let’s enjoy the time remaining for some writing, Yuli.” She whispered contentedly to herself.


Having some time alone was happiness for her, and finishing writing was another simple happiness she could savor that day.