The Watch

I was afraid I would be late to go work, so I set an alarm to wake me up in the morning.

I am used to waking up at 04.30 am, but I stayed up late last night, so I set my alarm later than it usually is. I set it to 05.00 am. I need enough sleep, and adding 30 minutes extra to sleep is such a good idea.

Then I went to bed, hoping to have a good sleep.

“Yuli, I know you are there.”

A man with an unfamiliar face came out nowhere. He was standing there, talking to me.

“Who are you? And what on earth have you been doing in my room?” I said.

“Give me the watch!”


“Don’t pretend you didn’t know, give me the watch!” He said angrily.

I jumped out of bed holding the watch then I ran away to the furnace, throwing the watch into the flame.

I jumped out of the window before the house exploded.

It was dark outside. I forced myself to arise then I dragged my right foot to walk away. I had to find my daughter, Munifa.

“Munifa where are you?”

I kept calling her while walking.

I saw some people were standing in front of their house; they had been looking at me wondering.

I walked up to them. Mufida, Munifa’s little sister was standing among the crowd.

” I am happy to find you here. I haven’t found your sister yet, do you see her? I asked her full of worry.

She shook her head and touched my face without saying a word. I could see a sadness in her eyes.

“Munifaaaa … where are you?” I called her desperately.

“Munifa …”

Then, my body got a light shock suddenly. My eyes opened. I saw my alarm on the dressing table. I glanced to a clock on the wall, it was 04:30 am.

I sat reluctantly, a blanket covering my back. My head was spinning.

The bad dream had woken me up from a peaceful sleep.

“I want some more minutes of sleep,” I whispered to myself.

“The alarm hasn’t even rung.” I murmured while covering my head with the blanket. I, then went back to cuddle. I closed my eyes.

“You will late definitely if you went back to sleep. Come on, wake up!” The voice within me whispering.

I got up reluctantly, was not ready to face the day.

Weekend please coming soon I have missed you already!

The second bad dream I had on this weekend.

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