I am Here for You

I know it’s hard to understand.

It’s ok to cry if you are hurting, I will not judge you.

Shed a tear if it helps to ease the pain.

Yeah, some of us get dealt cards that we didn’t wish for or deserve. Life is not entirely fair that way but we must accept the stones that fate throws at us.

Right now, you may feel devoid of hope, but believe me, it will get better.

Come to me, I am here. Hug me and let me hug you, I know you need it.

My dear, life hits all of us hard sometimes, but we can only bear the pain and continue to hold our heads high.

Things will eventually change for the better, I promise you.

I know this moment in time you may find this promise somewhat hollow and unbelievable but I know it has the truth.

It will change.

It is a fact that trials and tribulations once overcome strengthen us mentally and emotionally.

There is a famous saying “What does not kill us strengthens us,” it has the ring of the truth to it.

Be strong, Dear.